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Aims and scope

The journal Khristianskoye Chteniye is an open-access and peer reviewed journal that publishes academic articles of high quality on religion, Christian theology and philosophy, as well as Christian history and related fields. The journal encourages exchange of ideas between divergent notional, theoretical and disciplinary languages, with approaches of Christian Orthodox understanding to different aspects of modern theology and to the current theory of religion. The journal takes the role as an international forum for contemporary religious, theological, philosophical and historical dissertation. All the submitted manuscripts will undergo a thorough peer review process.

The journal invites and publishes all kinds of quality research data in the form of original articles, reviews, reports, essays etc. The journal also publishes book reviews.

With the above objective, Khristianskoye Chteniye covers the following scientific fields:

  1. 07.00.02 – Domestic History (Historical Sciences),

  2. 09.00.03 – History of Philosophy (Philosophical Sciences),

  3. 26.00.01 – Theology (Theology)

and scientific subjects

  1. 26.00.01 Theology

  2. 02.00.00 Philosophy

  3. 03.00.00 History. Historical Sciences

  4. 13.00.00 Culture. Culturology

  5. 21.00.00 Religion. Atheism

  6. 26.00.00 Complex problems in the Social Sciences.

In the first stage, papers pass a rapid access review by one of the editors of the journal Khristianskoye Chteniye. They are then subject of referees' comments (anonymous or attributed). Then the authors’ replies are considered. In the second stage, the peer-review process is completed and, the list of finaly revised and accepted papers is published on the official site of Khristianskoye Chteniye. To ensure publication precedence for authors, and to provide a lasting record of scientific discussion, Khristianskoye Chteniye is ISSN-registered, permanently archived, and fully citable. Also, DOI is given to articles published in Khristianskoye Chteniye.