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Author Guidelines


As part of the submission process, authors are requested to check the following:

  1. The article should be in Microsoft Word document format (doc; docx; rtf).
  2. The article should contain complete details about the corresponding author, including the e-mail address and full postal address.
  3. The article should be single-spaced and typeset in 12 point font Times New Roman (In case of using another font, please, send also font files and an article in pdf format); all illustrations, figures, and tables should be placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  4. A Cover Letter stating the work belongs to the corresponding author and other co-authors should be submitted.
  5. The articles should be sent to e-mail paleorosia@mail.ru.


We are committed to publishing quality articles and requests authors to submit any articles on the themes of ancient or medieval Russian history, theology, philosophy, mentality, ideas, biographies.

Articles with new findings/innovations in the topic of research. The article should be no more than 6000-7000 words. It should contain Authors Name and Surname, an Article Title, Abstract (100-150 words), Keywords (5-7), Author Degrees and Affiliations, E-mail and ORCID ID, Text the article with page links and References.

The list of references should be numbered and sorted alphabetically. In the text should be used page links (in 10 point font). The links and the list of References should be formatted in the same way.


Some examples of citing possible references and sources are given below:

Иванов И. И. Роль крестьян Крайнего Севера в развитии российской государственности XIII-XVII°в. // Вестник Шпицбергенского педагогического института. Серия: история. 2016. №7. С.°34-38.

Сидоров С. С. Крестьянские поселения на Крайнем Севере: страницы истории. М.: Нарвал, 1997.

Smith A. Communications between Elephants and People in Ancient Russia. Indian historical journal, 2005, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 49-53.

Smith В. Prince Vladimir the Saint in the Japan historiography. Chicago, 2007.


When re-linking, the title of the book or article should be given in short variant:

Иванов И. И. Роль крестьян Крайнего Севера… С. 35-36.

Сидоров С. С. Крестьянские поселения на Крайнем Севере. С. 67.

Smith A. Communications between Elephants and People… pp. 50-51.

Smith В. Prince Vladimir the Saint in the Japan historiography, p. 123.

As a design example, you can use the published issues of the journal Paleorosia.