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About the journal

Paleorosia. Ancient Russia: in time, in personalities, in ideas (short name: Paleorosia) is an open-access and peer-reviewed scientific journal.

In the journal are publishing the scientific articles on the problems of studying the ancient and medieval Russian past: the history of state and public institutions, the theological and philosophical problems of old Russian book culture, various aspects of the structure and activities of the Russian Church, the life and work of prominent figures of the Russian Middle Ages, the history of ideas and everyday life.


The journal is featured in the world's largest bibliographic database The journal is featured in the world's largest bibliographic database and network of library content OCLC "WorldCat".

The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (Elibrary) and is located in the Cyberleninka Scientific Electronic Library.

The journal is posted on the Academia.edu.

ISSN 2618-9674 (Print)
ISSN 2686-9063 (Online)


The journal was founded on March 29, 2018, by Saint-Petersburg theological academy, Konstantin Kostromin (archpriest, PhD in History, PhD in Theology, Saint-Petersburg) and Pavel Gaidenko (Doctor of History, Kazan).

Before it, Paleorosia was published by Konstantin Kostromin and Pavel Gaidenko as an anthology.

The journal Paleorosia is published by the Saint Petersburg Theological Academy Press.

The physical address of the Press: Naberezhnaya Obvodnogo Kanala, 17, Saint Petersburg, 191167, Russia.


Chief editor


Konstantin Kostromin
archpriest, PhD in History, PhD in Theology,
Vice-Rector for Research at
St. Petersburg Theological Academy

The head of the Editorial council


Pavel Gaidenko
Doctor of History, Professor of the Department of Historical Disciplines and Archival Science, Moscow State Linguistic University; Senior Researcher in Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Sourse Study, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Editorial council

Pavel Gaidenko – Doctor of History (Moscow), the head

Konstantin Kostromin – PhD in History, PhD in Theology (Saint-Petersburg) (the secretary)

Dmitry Bulanin - Doctor of Philology (St. Petersburg)

Alexander Gladkov – PhD in History (Moscow)

Mikhail Gromov - Doctor of Philosophy (Moscow)

Vladimir Milkov - Doctor of Philosophy (Moscow)

Alexey Petrov - Doctor of History (St. Petersburg)

Nikolay Petrov - PhD in History (St. Petersburg)

Roman Pochekaev – PhD in Jurisprudence (St. Petersburg)

Rem Simonov - Doctor of History (Moscow)

Vyacheslav Shaposhnik - Doctor of History (St. Petersburg)

Output period:
At least twice a year.