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Preliminary content of the issues

“Paleorosia” no. 2 (26) - 2024

A. Dvornichenko. Politogenesis and Faith: on Confessional History of the Lithuanian-Russian State and Rus'

M. Yurasov. The Monastery of St. Dmitry on the Sava

P. Gaydenko. “The Holy Fathers forbid any Minister to serve without the Command of his Bishop”: Outlines for Future Commentaries on the Canonical Answers of Metropolitan John II

R. Pochekaev. The Golden Horde Legal Realities in Ancient Russian Chronicles Passages on Journeys of Russian Metropolitans to the Horde at the end of 13th – 14th centuries

A. Volkova. The Image of Old Russian Monastery in Hymnography based on Service to Venerable Tikhon of Kaluga

L. Mininkova. “I wrote a Paper to Shemyachich, and with my Hand I signed and sealed It”: Metropolitan Daniel and Arrest of Prince Vasily Ivanovich Shemyachich

V. Shaposhnik. Monastic “turmoils” in “Stoglav” and the Message of Ivan IV to the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery

A. Almazov. On Collecting Tribute from Possessions of Ukrainian Clergy into the Tzarist Treasury in 1666–1668

M. Bashlykova. On Correspondence between Plot and Stylistic Topics in Church Slavonic and Polish Editions of The Kiev-Pechersk Paterikon

M. Arkhipov. The Rite of Monks Burial in the Pre-Nikonian Moscow Old Printed Tradition

B. Shapiro. Nun Elena's Belongings in Her Postmortem Inventory

A. Avdeev. Epigraphical Evidence of Veneration of St. Serapion, Metropolitan Krutitsky, Sarsky and Podonsky in the Trinity Makariev Kalyazin Monastery (18th —19th Centuries)

L. Alekhina. Copies of Lives of Zosima and Savvaty of Solovki in the Collection of the Valaam Monastery (according to the Manuscripts of the New Valaam Monastery in Finland)