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Publishing rules

Rules for submitting, reviewing and publishing articles in the journal
"Proceedings and Translations"

These rules establish the procedure for submitting, reviewing and publishing scientific articles in the journal "Proceedings and Translations".

By submitting an article for publication in the journal, its author thereby confirms that he has read these Rules and fully and completely accepts their terms.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The journal publishes scientific articles reflecting a wide range of problems of modern humanitarian knowledge in the field of theology, philosophy of religion and religious studies, cultural studies.

1.2. Articles previously unpublished and not being considered in the editorial boards of other publications are accepted for publication.

1.3. For the publication of articles of graduate students, it is necessary to provide the review of the supervisor.

1.4. The volume of the article must be at least 0.75 author's sheet (one author's sheet - 40,000 characters with spaces. The volume is calculated according to Word statistics including notes, bibliography, abstract, keywords, and information about the author).

1.5. The editors reserve the right to make editorial changes to the articles that do not change their content.

1.6. By submitting the manuscript of the article for publication to the journal, the author, in accordance with clause 2 of article 1286 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, grants the right to use the article in the journal, including the right to post the text of the article on the official Internet website of the journal.

1.7. Materials for publication are submitted by the author to the journal only in electronic form via e-mail at ass.prof.ivanov@gmail.com.

1.8. Publications in the journal are free, there are no hidden payments. Authors are not paid royalties.

2. Review of scientific articles

2.1. Having been tested for plagiarism by the professional computer program, the article undergoes mandatory double-blind reviewing. The approximate review period is 3-4 weeks.

2.2. Based on the received review(s), the editorial board either accepts the article for publication in the journal, forwards the article to the author for revision with the prospect of subsequent publication, or rejects publication.

2.3. In case of revealing significant contradictions in the received reviews, the editorial board reserves the right to forward the article to other chosen reviewer(s).

2.4. If significant contradictions persist based on the results of re-reviewing, the editorial board reserves the right to refuse to publish the article in the journal.

2.5. In case of refusal to publish the article, the editorial board of the journal does not enter into discussions with the authors.

2.6. Reviews of all articles submitted by the authors are stored in the Editorial Office of the journal and in the Publishing House of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy in electronic and/or printed form for 5 (five) years.

2.7. Copies of reviews are sent by the Editorial Office of the journal to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the request.

3. Authorization of the layout of an article

3.1. A PDF-file of the article, which is typeset and prepared for printing, is sent to the author. If the author does not respond before the deadline specified in the covering letter, or if the author responds after the specified date, the editors reserve the right to send the original PDF-file of the article for printing.

4. Responsibility of the author of a scientific article

4.1. The author guarantees that all data used in his article are real and authentic and that his article is not plagiarized.

4.2. The author is bound, if necessary, to provide refutations and to correct errors.