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"Christian Reading"

E-mail: christian-reading@spbda.ru

"Theologia Christiana Academica"

E-mail: tca@izdat-spbda.ru, izdatspbda@gmail.com

"Proceedings of the Department of Theology of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy"

E-mail: hram-sretenya@yandex.ru

"Current Issues of Church Science"

E-mail: ref.science.spbda@mail.ru

"Journal of the Historical Society St. Petersburg Theological Academy"

E-mail: vspbda@yandex.ru

"Paleorosiya. Ancient Russia: in time, in personalities, in ideas"

E-mail: paleorosia@mail.ru

"Russian-Byzantine Journal"

"Works and Translations"

E-mail: ass.prof.ivanov@gmail.com



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