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The official website of the scientific journal
St. Petersburg Theological Academy
"Christian reading"

It is published once in two months: March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, November 1, December 31.

ISSN 1814-5574


1. Reception of articles for publication and all correspondence with the authors is made only through the mail red.christian.reading@gmail.com. After downloading the article, it is sent by the editors to the reviewer (s). After reviewing, the author receives a notification of the acceptance of the article for publication, or of the need to correct the article, or of the need to bring the paper in accordance with the requirements posted on the journal website. After making corrections, the article is sent for proofreading, and the editors place the article in the nearest number that has not yet been filled out. Thus, the author himself must be interested in sending an article requiring minimal corrections, especially in terms of design.
2. Newly submitted articles are accepted in numbers 2019.
3. If necessary, the editors provide the author with a certificate (scan and original) on the official journal form about the article accepted for publication. To do this, the author must send a request by mail red.christian.reading@gmail.com.
4. We draw the attention of respected authors:
- the volume of the article for a graduate student should not exceed 0.5 a.l., for the rest - 1 a.l.
- the volume of the abstract should not be less than 1000 characters.
- must be keywords.