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Proceedings of the Department of Theology

The official website of the scientific journal
Proceedings of the Department of Theology
of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy

НАС (Higher Attestation Commission)

Category K2

The journal was established on May 15, 2017.

ISSN 2541-9587 (Print)
ISSN 2686-9071 (Online)


1. Submissions and all correspondence should be directed via e-mail to hram-sretenya@yandex.ru. After receiving your submission, it is forwarded by the editors to the reviewer(s). The author will receive a notification of the review results: acceptance for publication, a request to modify and resubmit the paper, or a request to bring the paper in accordance with the requirements posted on the journal’s website. When the necessary corrections are made, the article is sent for proofreading, and the editors will schedule the article for the nearest issue of the journal. At this stage, the author may submit only minimal corrections, especially in terms of design.

If necessary, the editors will provide the author with a certificate (scan and original) that the paper has been accepted for publication. This must be requested via e-mail at hram-sretenya@yandex.ru.


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